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Barbara Rucci is the Founder of Double Portion Ministries, which was founded in 2012. As an Ordained Minister she travels both locally and internationally to speak in Healing Schools and bring the Gospel to the Nations. She operates in the gifts of prophecy, and encouragement. Barbara’s heart and calling is to bring the younger generations into their fullness so that they can know the love of Christ.

The Lord has also called her to be an ambassador for His word, and sharing His love in the local Chicagoland area as well as Cambodia. She is an advocate for rescue missions that brings freedom to Women and Children involved in modern day slavery, and sex trafficking.

Reminiscence of Isaiah 61:07 her vision is to bring people to the love of Jesus, and lead them to receive all the treasures God has for them. “Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double; Everlasting joy shall be theirs”

At the present time, DPM is in the process of building a church in Africa. It is an investment in the lives of many—for eternity!

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Double Portions Ministries is a ministry that is empowered by the spirit of God. Through this ministry you will be transformed by the holy spirit, and experience real change in your physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial areas of your life! We provide an avenue for God’s extraordinary life changing power to become accessible all around you. Leslie Tracey and Barbara Rucci founded Double Portion Ministries with a mandate to bring God’s love and miraculous presence for the broken and the hurting. Real transformation and breakthroughs are possible. Here, you WILL pick up your mat and walk! We welcome you to partner with us.


God brought us to Cambodia to bring hope and to release His love. He then showed us the heart of Cambodia which is love. We believe in partnering with Gods love to see hope and healing restored in the nation of Cambodia. Double portions ministry is committed to bringing restoration to the nation, one life at a time.

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“Barbara Rucci is the most dynamic and anointed prophetic minister in the church today.  She is completely dedicated first to God and then to ministering healing, teaching, and prophetic ministry.  She walks with God and knows how to generously and effectively express His heart of love to people in need.  I highly recommend her ministry to you.”

“Over the years I have become personal friends with Barb. Besides my own staff there is no one else I trust as much. She is impeccable in character, extremely generous, and extraordinarily gifted in teaching and the prophetic. Barb is also true servant of the Lord. She’s not in it for attention or notoriety but rather for the people. She truly possess the heart of Jesus.”

“The compassionate heart of Double Portions Ministry is to partner with heaven to see the orphan , the broken and the wounded healed to fulfill their prophetic destiny on the earth.”

“Double portions ministry is a solid, biblical-based ministry that demonstrates the love of God. They bring the reality of healing today for the whole person spirit, soul and body.”

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We believe in freedom. Through speaking engagements, healing services and courses in our Healing School, we teach people about freedom in Christ. Freedom from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bondage. Because with freedom from shame and disgrace, you will receive a double portion.

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    We at Double Portions are passionate about Jesus and seeing believers live a life set free from bondage, sickness and trauma. Our mission is to bring light into the darkness and set the captives free as outlined in Isaiah 61.

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