My time at double portion ministries found me dealing with the torture and murder of my 21 year old son. Who was murdered by a close relative, they showed me that if i want Jesus to forgive me i would have to forgive this person who tortured and murdered my son. Not just forgive them, but then to blessed them 3 times ARE YOU NUTS!! They are still walking around that’s all the blessing i could give them. You see all i had done was forgive this murder from my head it wasn’t until i blessed this person 3 times that i really forgave them from my heart. Leslie and Barbara showed me what it truly meant to completely forgive someone not just in words but with the power of the Holy Ghost. To get slain in the Spirit and have the Holy Ghost minister to you and strengthen your Spirit with power from on high there is nothing else on earth like it. However it leaves the glaring problem of the heart what do i say to my son on judgment day when he says daddy why didn’t you avenge me they made me suffer for hours and hours and day after day, i cried out for you, and my suffering meant nothing to you because you did not avenge me, i thought you loved me! After a lot of soul searching my answer to him will be this i love you so much but i love Jesus more, i love Him even more than i do myself. I trust in Him to bring judgment and punishment to this person, if He hasn’t forgiven them. Thank you Double Portion Ministry, and most of all the Holy Ghost for helping me to truly forgive.