A Solid Biblical Based Ministry

Double portions ministry is a solid, biblical-based ministry that demonstrates the love of God. They bring the reality of healing today for the whole person spirit, soul and body.

Carol Koch

An Eternal Impact

Double Portions Ministry releases healing to the nations. Their teachings, activations, and demonstrations of love have made an eternal impact around the world!

Double Portion Healing

Epiretinal membranes, a film on the eye that can distort vision. There is healing in the name of Jesus. ” If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you” john 15:7 . A recent eye exam, evidenced cataracts in both of my eyes were interfering with my vision. I knew what to do, I attended a double portion healing room. Leslie and Barbara prayed with me and I experienced a ” double portion” healing. God removed the cataract from my left eye and several hours later the second cataract was removed. I have noticed a marked improvement in my vision! To God be the glory!

Jan Hollenbeck

Anointed Women of God

When Barb and Leslie pray over you expect breakthrough! Double Portions healed my daughter of anxiety and led her to Jesus. So grateful for these anointed women of God.

Susan Davis

Helping Me To Truly Forgive

My time at double portion ministries found me dealing with the torture and murder of my 21 year old son. Who was murdered by a close relative, they showed me that if i want Jesus to forgive me i would have to forgive this person who tortured and murdered my son. Not just forgive them, but then to blessed them 3 times ARE YOU NUTS!! They are still walking around that’s all the blessing i could give them. You see all i had done was forgive this murder from my head it wasn’t until i blessed this person 3 times that i really forgave them from my heart. Leslie and Barbara showed me what it truly meant to completely forgive someone not just in words but with the power of the Holy Ghost. To get slain in the Spirit and have the Holy Ghost minister to you and strengthen your Spirit with power from on high there is nothing else on earth like it. However it leaves the glaring problem of the heart what do i say to my son on judgment day when he says daddy why didn’t you avenge me they made me suffer for hours and hours and day after day, i cried out for you, and my suffering meant nothing to you because you did not avenge me, i thought you loved me! After a lot of soul searching my answer to him will be this i love you so much but i love Jesus more, i love Him even more than i do myself. I trust in Him to bring judgment and punishment to this person, if He hasn’t forgiven them. Thank you Double Portion Ministry, and most of all the Holy Ghost for helping me to truly forgive.

Tommy Crocco


I’m grateful for my connection with double portion Ministries. Barbara and Leslie have been a blessing to my life for several years now. Without even knowing it, they have continuously imparted encouragement and prophetic vision. Their message is full of love from the Father.  I attended a recent conference where Leslie and Barbara were speaking, and Leslie mentioned that all God wanted was our, “Yes.” She said God asked her several times if she was saying “yes” to his request, and if so, she had to trust him, no matter what. She chose to say “yes,” and her radical act of obedience has taken her places she never dreamed of.  As she shared her testimony, I grabbed hold of it that night, not knowing how it would impact my future. Later that week, as I began to question whether or not I was ready to accept everything the Lord was asking me to do, he asked me the same question. Not only did he ask me that question, but I could see Leslie standing on that stage, saying “yes” to God. I remembered her story, and God painted me a beautiful picture of the place that her obedience took her. He asked me if I wanted that too. I said yes! Not knowing what my future will look like, that radical act of obedience and saying yes to God has already began to take me places that I never imagined. Her testimony changed my life. These ladies and this ministry are sowing into the lives of others selflessly, doing exactly what God has called them to do. They have removed themselves from the picture entirely. They are a beautiful picture of what Jesus has called us all to be. I am grateful for what they have sewn into me. Know that your partnership with them has the amazing ability to touch the lives and hearts of those you may never meet. In turn, you are impacting the world for Jesus.

Chelsea Ward

Dealing With Difficult Situations

I am a hospital chaplain, small group leader, and an intercessor. Dealing with difficult situations I often need a discerning ear for debriefing . I have used the services of Double Portion Ministries for spiritual direction. Their insight and prophetic encouragement have carried me through some challenging times. I refer people to them regularly. I highly recommend their ministry.

Betty Menses