Upcoming Cambodia Trip

On September 20th, Double Portions Ministries will be going to Cambodia! During this time we will be ministering to the woman and children at Teen Challenge In Phnom Penh for two days. Then we will meet with the women and children of Extreme Love Ministries where we will teach and minister to them. We will be visiting the Kids Justice House of Prayer at the railroad slum. Also we will be taking 20 children to the water park and have a great day of fun with them. We appreciate your prayers during this trip. Blessings! Barbara and Leslie

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Let’s Work Together


Whether through a one-time event or empowering your church to reach deeper, we want to partner with you and your ministry. Our focus is on healing in any area of your life: mind, body and spirit. We believe healing is at the core of our faith and that it can be a part of anyone’s journey.